About us

Our story

Knipidee International BV, with over 40 years of experience, is one of the Dutch leaders in fabrics and textiles. With more than 6.000.000 meters of storage at numerous warehouses in The Netherlands, we have become a familiar face for many wholesaler companies in fashion and fabrics all around the world. We are known for our huge and wide variety in stock which contains countless unique designs and trendy colors. Our mission is to respond to a continuously (unexpected) changing fashion industry by providing the best and largest choice in textiles to our customers and to deliver on a very short term. Although Knipidee has its roots in the Dutch market and is well presented, our international business has grown exponentially the past years and still does. By the use of our international agents, supported by our own sales team and the presence at international exhibitions, we have expanded our business into the whole of Europe and other continents. Our agents always have the latest collection at hand, which they show to our customers. Not to forget, our agents can give you an up-to-date overview of what is in stock, real-time.

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Our goal

Knipidee International has set its goal to quickly provide its customers with a wide variety of fashion fabrics by wholesale. Givin our customers the best and largest choice in textiles. As you may know, the fashion industry, especially when purchasing, has long lead times, mainly because production comes from Asia. The demands of our market are difficult to predict. Knipidee responds to that by having large volumes in stock at a location close to the market itself. This way our customers can respond quickly to the (unexpected) changing demand. With our own styling team, we can distinguish in comparison to others. Our team develope, creates and put designs together themselves so that we can respond quickly to the latest trends from our market.

About our fabrics

We are known for being the precursor to fashionable textile collections. Our wide variety of designs and dazzling colors is what makes our collections unique. We attend the biggest international exhibitions and have our very own team of designers to play into the constantly changing demand for fashion. This way we can offer fabrics in the latest trends and most wanted styles continuously. Our collection is divided into three areas: 

Why choose Knipidee International BV as your fabric wholesaler?

These are our values:

  • Fashion = stock! Because of our huge stock, we can ship your order within 1-2 business days
  • We ship anytime, anywhere all over the world
  • Big volumes per item available
  • We have our own styling department
  • Wide assortment of fabrics and colors
  • Custom made deliveries are possible
  • You can choose an estimated departure date
  • We have a 60-day Return Policy
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